Love for God and Neighbor

Billy was driving home happily pulling a boat behind him.  He was sure that his wife would fall in love with it, just like he did minutes ago.  Think of the fish!  Think of the quality family time he could have on the water with his kids!  It was going to be great… “Oh, who am I kidding,” Billy thought.  There was no way his wife would fall in love with it.  Money was tight, but at the time, Billy thought it was a good idea.  Billy’s wife is a wonderful.  She simply told him that if he could explain how they would be able to pay for the truck, the house and food, he could keep the boat.  Billy knew that wasn’t possible.

How easy is it to justify the purchase a boat?  Maybe a boat isn’t what you’re looking at.  If you’re anything like me, there is something that you justify in your life.  I deserve that piece of candy.  A piece of candy can be harmless, but rarely do our desires stay so innocent.  In our text from Luke, the expert in the Law of God wanted to justify – not his sweet tooth – but his soul!  Jesus speaks politely to the man, but there was no word of comfort and piece.  The man knew the Law by heart but he didn’t understand that the purpose of God’s Law.  With Jesus crushing words – do this and you will live – the man’s heart squirmed under the interogating beam of his conscience.  So wanting to justify himself he asked for a qualification of his neighbor.  Jesus’ answer was the parable of the Good Samaritan.

The only way to stand truly justified before God’s throne is by the blood of Jesus.  Go to the cross everyday to find peace and justification.  Only then are you ready to give Spirit wrought thanks and love you neighbor.