New Life as God’s Friend

How many friends can someone have at once?  Well at this moment I have a little over 800 Facebook friends.  I don’t think that all of those are “friends” of mine.  I like to see their pictures, but rarely to I sit down and type them a message.  Psychologists figure that you can have on average five good friends at once.

Today as we look at our God’s charge to love each other I wonder if it is better to consider the people that are difficult to love?  It’s easy to have friends that we like, but what about the friends that are were our enemies?  That may not cross your mind… ever.

Our text give us the example of Saul.  Why did Barnabas go to seek out the one who had caused so much heart ache and harm to Christians around the ancient world?  Because (after his conversion) he was the best man for the job.

Want to hear more – including a story of a life consumed by hate only to be overcome by friendship?  Watch this week’s sermon from Acts 11.