New Life Everyday


Speaking you faith in Jesus is something that a Christian just does.  It’s good news!  Who doesn’t like to share good news?  If there is something in your life that is wonderful – sharing it is easy!  “I just found carpet for the living room at a great price!”  “Let me show you a picture of my new niece…”  Sharing Jesus isn’t all that different.  Spiritual topics can flow naturally in a conversation.  One of the reason some people are slow to witness is because of the fear of objections.  “What if someone gets offended or asked me a question I can’t answer?”  That might happen.  Handling objections isn’t as difficult as it might seem.  Here is one way…

Feel – Felt – Found.  “I think that a loving God would never condemn anyone.”  That is a common objection I have heard.  What is one way to handle it?  “I can see that you feel that way.”  (Acknowledge what they are saying.)  “I have felt the same way – where is there love in condemnation?” (Jump in their shoes.) “I found that when I read the Bible, God doesn’t want to condemn anyone!  In fact he made certain that no one needs to be condemned.  There is forgiveness for all in Jesus.” (Witness your faith.)

There is plenty more to the new life that we enjoy as Christians.  We talk about the ups and downs and how Jesus sees us through them all.  Want to hear more?  Watch this weeks sermon taken from 1 John 3.


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