New Life from God’s Word

“Where did you get that?!”  It doesn’t matter what the thought was behind that question.  The answer could most likely be Amazon.  What can’t you find on Amazon?  There are a few things that are out of this world.  Jesus would be one of them.  The new life that he give would be another.

The New Life that Jesus give can be found on Amazon, if you look in Bible section.  You see God’s Word isn’t hard to find.  It’s free to read on the internet.  It’s one of the best selling books in the world every year!  When a person reads about the message of forgiveness in Jesus, the Holy Spirit creates new life.  That almost sounds too easy to believe.  That’s why it’s a good thing that the Holy Spirit is the one that does the convincing.

On our sermon from Sunday the Apostle Peter walks the crowd of people the first day and leaders of the Israel the next into Scripture.  There he points them to the horror of their actions – they killed Jesus!  From there he shows them New Life.  God’s plan through all of the events of Holy Week was for Jesus to suffer and die for our sins.  When our sin was exchanged for Jesus’ perfection, we stand in God’s grace.  By faith we are acceptable to God.  Heaven is open to all who believe in Jesus.  The only place to find that new life is in the God’s word.


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