New Life Means Peace

What does peace look like to you?  It is a small body of still water steaming from the cool morning air?  To fish in the that is exciting.  Ok, maybe that’s not peace to you.  I get bored quickly with peace and quiet.  But the concept of peace is one I understand.  Being able to relax and enjoy a little slice of God’s creation.

Easter – New life in Jesus, starting with Jesus – brings us that peace.  I enjoy thinking back to my childhood Easter mornings.  Why exactly do we have to eat breakfast at church again?  Even more importantly – who’s idea was it to have a sunrise service in early April in Minnesota?! (The high is 33 today 4/8/18, with snow showers.)  Easter morning for the disciples was a flury of fear, and wind sprints to the tomb and back again.  That was followed by more fear and hiding together behind a locked door.  Anyone want to go fishing yet?  I’m afraid there wasn’t much peace on that first Easter.

Peace isn’t always possible for us.  What is it that rips you back to reality?  Do you lock your doors at night because you’re worried about the authorities dragging you off to prison?  Probably not.  That was the problem facing the disciples.  We might understand that reality on Easter Sunday, but the second Sunday of the Easter season?  Um… guys, you know he’s alive, right?  Why are we locking the doors?  Or better yet, why are we criticizing Thomas for not believing that Jesus is alive?  The other disciples were acting like he was still dead!

When a person dies, there is a new normal that must take over.  There isn’t anything that can change the uncomfortable reality.  I think that the resurrection is the same way.  That new normal was difficult for the disciples to get used to.  Jesus lives.  If there are still doubts in your mind, check out the hand hole and the side gash.  Go back and read the eye witness accounts again.  Hear Jesus’ charge that you be at peace, again.  His command carries with it the power accomplish what he says.  Want to hear more?  Listen to the second sermon in our series, New Life Means Peace.


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