One Thing Needed

What is the one thing needed?  The question is harder than it might appear at first.  To a Christian, the Spirit wrought confession is “GOD!”  This is the correct answer, but in our society how many other things can sneak into that #1 spot?  Our text for Sunday is a great one.

Guess who’s coming for dinner?  It’s God.  What would you cook?  What was Jesus favorite meal?  There are many things that we don’t know.  BUT, what we do know is that Mary and Martha opened their home for Jesus on this occasion.  There is nothing idolatrous or terrible about hosting someone for supper.  Jesus offers Martha a gentle rebuke when she calls for help and complains that her sister isn’t doing her fair share.  Jesus reminds her that there is one thing needed.  Mary chose that one thing – sitting at Jesus’ feet and listening to him.  The reality is that when Jesus comes over, it doesn’t really matter whose house it is.  Jesus is the host.  He offers the one thing needful.  We don’t know exactly what Jesus and Mary were talking about, but it’s doesn’t really matter.  Everything that Jesus says is worth our time.

Before we are too critical of Martha, stop for a moment and consider what it is in your life that can sneak into the number one place?  There is nothing wrong with sleep, work, children, games, etc.  But when any those things sneak into the number one place in your life, you may have lost the one thing needed – Jesus.  Remember it was Martha who made the Christian confession after her brother, Lazarus, died. “I know he will rise again in the resurrection at the last day.” Even so she let something like meal prep get in the way of her relationship with her Lord.

Want to hear more?  Watch Sunday’s sermon taken from Luke 10.

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