Original Sin

The natural response to seeing the tragic events this past week in Manchester, England and Egypt are to ask questions.  Why did this have to happen?  Why would someone act in this way?  There doesn’t have to be a terrorist attack to ask those same questions.  Anytime we see any rebellious actions, ask why.  Why did that baby just toss his bottle and pitch a fit?  Why are those children fighting?  Why do married couple get a divorce?  The list could go on.  The answers to questions like this can be go into the reasoning, emotions, and will of each person.  The place God starts to answer the question is that we are sinful from birth.  People by nature are not good.  I know that’s not a popular thought in the era of the participation trophy, but we are born sinful.  We cannot live up to God’s standards.

That might not sound like a great way to start the week – “Guess what?  The world is sinful.”  But the topic of Original Sin answers so many questions.  Know that Original Sin isn’t the final word.  The Apostle Paul holds up the good news of forgiveness in Jesus like a jewel and looks at it from many different directions.  Want to see how God has partially restored his image in you?  Watch this week’s sermon from Romans 5.

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