Peace with Mary

Planning a wedding is not an easy task.  I don’t think it was any easier two thousand years ago.  Mary, the mother of Jesus, was planning a wedding.  We don’t know all of the details that went into the betrothal process, but we do know that becoming pregnant wasn’t part of the plan.  What peace was there in Mary’s heart as the angel walked out her door.  She didn’t doubt God’s power, plan, or purpose in choosing her, but was she at peace?

What kind of peace are you experiencing right now?  You don’t need to be in the throws of wedding plans to have that unsettled feeling.  Car accidents, disease, job loss, any kind of loss, really, can bring us back down.  Questions slide into our minds about our performance and God’s faithfulness.  Is there something that Mary did to deserve a visit from the angel?  No.  God works on a currency of grace.  Is there something that you or I have done to deserve the hardship or trials that we are going through.  No.  God’s currency of grace is the same for us as it was for Mary.

Mary’s child is the Prince of Peace.  His brought peace to Mary when he forgave her sins.  He brings his kingdom of grace and peace to us too.  That is where our Christmas peace starts.  That peace doesn’t mean that the problems in our lives will go away, but it helps to know how everything will end.  One day we will be united with Jesus in glory.  Heaven is what the end looks like.

Planning for a wedding can be fun because the two people know how it will end.  Living under God’s grace is similar.  There will be ups and downs; God will never leave us during those times.  God has a plan that includes us with him forever in heaven.

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