Plan A

If you had to lay out a plan to tell the whole world about Jesus, how would you do it?  In 2016 maybe we would take advantage of the internet and social media?  It isn’t all that hard to get a message out now days, or is it?  How many people in the world know about Jesus?  The plan to share the gospel hasn’t changed from the ancient times when Paul went from one town to the next.

First thing he would do is to turn the conversation to all things spiritual.  His approach was to use the witness of the world to start a conversation about God.  Where did everything come from?  How did that food get on your plate?  Why do you have a smile on your face?  The approach still works today.  The witness of the world means that there is something bigger than us, something outside of us.  There must be a God.  This blog post shows a few holes that even atheists have to admit exist in their system of faith.  No matter how the person answers even if there is a denial of God, at this point you know what he believes.

Next on Paul’s list after using the witness of the world was to use the witnesses of the gospel.  Paul simply said all that God had done for him.  When your neighbor comes over and compliments you on your house, your kids, anything.  Simply witness that all of those things are great, but I have to give credit to God for he is the one who gave them all to me.  The best part about his gifts isn’t what you can see, it’s the peace that I have in my soul because I know that I’m forgiven.  I don’t wonder if I’ve done enough to make him happy, I know that he is because Jesus died for me.  Would you like to throw the football around?

There is no hard sell.  There is no closing the deal.  There is nothing more that we have to do, because that witness is all that is necessary for the Holy Spirit to do his work.  There may or may not be opportunity for follow up.  Maybe an invitation to the next event at church would be appropriate, but you won’t convince anyone, God will.

When some have examined the early Christian church, they questioned God’s wisdom in sending out the Apostles as the only option.  Why not use the angels?  Why not thunder your message of love from the heavens once a year?  God’s plan to use his church, his disciples, to share the gospel of Jesus was the right plan for Paul – and it’s still the right plan for us.  Use the witness of the world.  Use the witnesses of the gospel (that’s you and me).

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