Promise of Judgment

It’s pay back time!  That phrase can add intensity to an annual rivalry game of football.  When that phrase moves beyond the realm of sports we can get ourselves in a little trouble.  When we are cut off on the highway, publicly humiliated in school or work, the thought, “It’s pay back time!” might linger in our minds.  Revenge and getting back may be part of a friendly rivalry, but it can be spiritually dangerous in day to day life.

How do you look at the Last Day?  The upcoming date isn’t on our calendars, but it does need to be on our minds.  All of the signs from Matthew 24 have happened.  When our God says that the Last Day will come like a thief in the night, that means you don’t need to listen to people who try to tell you that they know when it will be.  God won’t reveal the date, but it will be coming.

The purpose of our sermon was to remind you how that judgment will work out.  The promise of judgment is real.  On the Last Day unbelievers will be judged according to their deeds.  On the Last Day believers will be judged according to Jesus’ deeds.  That means God knows exactly what you have done.  He punished Jesus for that sin when he died on the cross.  All that’s left for you is forgiveness and mercy.  You can honestly look forward to the end of the world because you know that will be your first day in heaven.

We also talk about eating a snack before bedtime.  After listening to it, you may never eat fruit in the dark again.  That’s still a better option than going through life unsure about the Last Day.  God will keep his promise of judgment!

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