Promise of the King

You just can’t look away.  That’s how I was as a child when there was a crash in a NASCAR race.  I never wanted to see anyone hurt but watching twisted metal fly into other cars was memorizing.

A king is worthy of praise not mockery.  On Christ the King Sunday, the last weekend of the church year, the picture of Jesus on the cross may not be a welcome sight. There were so many who just couldn’t look away.  The scene only grows worse when you listen to what was said. From the rulers who hated him, “He saved others, but he can’t save himself!”  The soldiers who carried out his execution, “If you are the king of the Jews, save yourself.”  Even another condemned criminal took time out of his own execution to mock Jesus, “Aren’t you the Christ? Save yourself and us!”

At this point you may want to look away, but we need to stare a moment longer.  I think we should probably consider our attacks on the king.  “Every grocery store parking lot dotted with maple trees is ablaze with red.  Creation oozes beauty!  Jesus, why did you make me ugly?”  Children who have grown into adulthood lash out, “It’s your fault, Jesus, that my parents divorced.  I’m still not ok.”  We live in a wealthy nation, but have you ever doubted your king?  “Living paycheck to paycheck would be great!  I’m living paycheck to credit card to paycheck.  Why won’t you provide for me?”

What kind of a king is so helpless that he can’t even save himself?  How can he be my king?  Jesus is a king so powerful that he didn’t need to lash out and melt his enemies.  Jesus is a king so loving that he didn’t need nails to hold him to the cross.  He stayed there because he wanted to.  He stayed there for me.  Jesus is a king so innocent that he could be the perfect sacrifice in my place.  Because Jesus is my king I will never hang in judgment before a holy God.  By faith in my king I am not guilty of all the wrongs I have done.

Jesus is the king who won for me a place by his side forever in heaven.  Could he rescue me from the woes of my life?  Watch and find out.

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