Rehabilitation Program

I don’t think that anyone likes the judgment walk.  This is the time right before we have to admit guilt.  We already know that we’re guilty so there’s no surprise there, but the anticipation of a tongue lashing or sentencing is not an enjoyable experience.  Whether you’re a young child caught in the act of candy theft or an adult going in for discipline on the job, it’s a miserable experience.

How does this work with our God?  He knows our thoughts.  There is nowhere that we can hide.  Yet there are many who wrongly think that if they put God out of their mind, he isn’t there.  Visible expressions of God, like attending worship or talking to a pastor can make some people very uncomfortable.  That judgment walk never ends.  How good must it feel to live under God’s grace?

God has a different plan for the sinner.  There isn’t an endless guilt walk toward the grave.  The grave is broken.  Sin has lost its sting.  Guilt has been removed.  God’s declaration of forgiveness in Jesus makes all the difference in the world.  Want to see this grace in action?  Watch this week’s sermon from our series: God’s Courtroom: Rehabilitation Process.


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