School Is Out

School doesn’t always bring back fond memories for everyone.  Getting a grade in school was a reflection on a person’s work.  The problem is that what if every paper comes back with an F?  It doesn’t matter how hard you worked.  It doesn’t matter if the answers were mostly right.  There was always something that was wrong on the page, and in this school, any blemish, any imperfection warrants an F.  This school doesn’t have classrooms and desks, it is simply a series of laws that are burned onto your soul.  If you would like to find a copy of them, you can pick a Bible and read.  Every law and every sacrifice must be kept even in your thoughts.  After getting a few F’s, I’m sure the Jews were looking for something else.  Who likes to be confronted with failure all the time?!  That something else is Jesus.  Jesus got an A on everything he did.  By faith his perfection is mine.  When Jesus died, he took my sin leaving me forgiven and free!  What is more now I get all of the things God promised to his perfect children – answered prayers, God’s providence and perfection, the peace of knowing that I’m one of God’s children, finally an inheritance of eternal life in heaven.

I still have work to do, but I don’t do it for a grade an more.  Jesus completed all my final exams.  Now I live to write thank you notes to my God for all that he had done.  I worship him – in church, of course – but in everything I do for my family and friends.  God calls all of those little things my spiritual act of worship.  I call them, not busy work, but blessed work.  School is out… forever!

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