Second Chance

A second chance can be an important thing.  I like to tell me wife that the second time I do something it will go much better!  Maybe it’s that new recipe that just didn’t work out.  Or the second time I hang the shelf it will be straight.

The problem with the book of Jonah is that even when God went to extreme measures to give his prophet a second chance, his prophet didn’t want to give that same grace to the people of Nineveh.  The reason that Jonah ran from God and his command to go to the city of Nineveh wasn’t because he was afraid of the people killing him.  Jonah wasn’t afraid of speaking about his wonderful God.  Jonah wasn’t afraid of rejection either.  Jonah was afraid that God WOULD be gracious.  Jonah wanted to see a city full of people for whom Jesus would die burn with fire from heaven.  Is there any one in your life that you think isn’t worth God’s grace?  Before you have a second sinful thought about condemning another person, pause and consider your own sin.  Take a long look into the mirror of God’s Law.  None of us are worthy of God’s love.  There is nothing that we do to make God love us.  There is nothing about who we are that makes God love us.  All of us need our God.

Just so we are clear, God didn’t give us a second chance to try harder.  We don’t have a second chance to figure out exactly what God wants from us.  Our second chance is only for God to do everything for us!  God did this for the people of Nineveh, he does the same for us.  Our God has given the world a second chance in Jesus.

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