Seven Words

Good Friday is the name the historical church has given to the Friday of Holy Week when Jesus died for the sins of the world.  Jesus spoke these seven words or phrases recorded here from the cross.  These powerful meditations show the incredible love of our God for a fallen world.  Jesus’ death was the final and only payment for sin.  There is nothing more that needs to be done by us so that we might in God’s family.  This sacrifice by Jesus is objective proof that God loves the world.  That means the subjective ups and downs of this world may or may not reflect God’s love.  Does God love you if it’s raining and you had plans to work or play outside?  Does God love you if he calls out of this world someone you care about?  There is no limit to the anecdotal questions a person could ask wondering if God meant it as a sign of love or anger.  This is where Good Friday is so important.  We know that God love us because he proved that love on Good Friday at Calvary.

After each word is read the acolyte extinguishes one candle representing the Light of the World being extinguished.  After the final word the acolyte walked out of the sanctuary with the Christ candle.  When Jesus died, he didn’t cease to exist.  He gave up his spirit to his Father in heaven.  Jesus’ spirit returned to his body on Easter Sunday when he rose from the dead.

This video and audio has been edited to remove the hymns between each meditation.  The lights in the sanctuary have been dimmed.  The video has been edited so that it would appear brighter.