Share the Gift

Have you ever met a person with the name of Charis?  It’s a pretty name, but it comes from the Greek word for gift.  That little word is filled with beauty and meaning by the Apostle Paul.  It is the word that we translate as God’s grace.  This is his undeserved love for us all in Jesus.  He showed that love not with a feeling, but an action.  He sent his Son, Jesus, at Christmas.  Jesus is the one who died to take the punishment of our sin leaving us forgiven.  This Sunday we took a moment to consider how important the message is and how important the messengers are!

We bring up this topic because it’s the start of a new year – a new church year.  The seasons of the church year are another way to focus on Jesus throughout the year.  Advent is a time of preparation to celebrate Jesus’ birth at Christmas.  It’s a great opportunity to prepare ourselves through repentance.  And Christmas is one of the top two Christian holidays that people who are not Christian will actually attend church (the other being Easter).  So this is a great time to start praying for friends and neighbors that God might give you an opportunity to talk about your Savior and invite them to worship at Christmas.  At Star of Bethlehem we will also offer a Christmas for Kids event, a Sunday School Christmas Program, along with our Christmas Eve Worship.

This Advent season – share the gift!

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