Shrewd Stewards

I think that all of us can value the idea of being a good steward.  No one likes to see waste or abuse.  We like our government officials to be good stewards of our taxes.  We like our children to take good care of their toys and gifts.  If some one doesn’t take good care of a car, it will quickly fall into disrepair.

The example of Christian stewardship is a little less clear because the consequences of poor stewardship aren’t always visible.  If we neglect the means of grace, our soul suffers, but that isn’t always visible to those around us.

Part of what makes our parable from Luke 16 confusing is that the steward is dishonest!  This only accentuates Jesus point.  Why should Christians be less shrewd just because we are honest and moral.  There are times when, for the sake of the Word, we will be as lambs to the slaughter.  However, that attitude doesn’t need to work it’s way through every part of our life.  Be a shrewd steward.  Use all the wits and mental skill to reach out with the gospel!  The fact that the dishonest steward was so loose and free with his masters money was lost to me for many years.  My money isn’t my own.  Why am I so afraid to give it away?  Why am I so afraid to use it for kingdom work? Was it because of my strength, skill, and intellect that I am anything?  No, these are all gifts from God.

One last note before you watch this sermon.  The chapter just before Luke 16 is the “lost” chapter of the Bible, Luke 15.  Jesus shows how reckless his love is for the lost.  I am thankful that he has gone after me with that love.  This parable about the dishonest steward doesn’t change that, but it does remind us that we need not be reckless with the worldly blessings he has given us.  Be Shrewd Stewards of the King.

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