Sola Christus

500 years later… are you proud to be a Lutheran?  If Martin Luther could be dropped into a Lutheran church, would he want to be Lutheran?  All of the attention that Luther is getting would make him very uneasy.  The only person who matters in the church is Jesus.

Working up to our celebration of the 500th Anniversary of the Reformation we spent a few months going over the basic doctrines of the Christian faith.  During the month of October we looked at the three Solas of the Reformation: Sola Scriptura, Sola Fides, and Sola Gratia.  On Sunday we touched on another Sola – Sola Christus – Christ alone.

The concept of a reformation isn’t exclusive to Lutherans.  Martin Luther wasn’t the first reformer to point people back to scripture, faith, and grace either.  Martin Luther was the first reformer who lived.  Luther was willing to give up everything.  I have to pause and consider what I would be willing to give up for the gospel?  God will most likely not call on me to give up my life in our country.  We are extremely blessed with our freedoms.

I want you to consider something before you watch the Reformation sermon from Romans 3.  Is there an area of your life that needs reforming?  Walk through the three Solas with me.

Have you turned faith into a virtue?  Is your faith something that you wear on your sleeve like a badge of honor?  Or is it a precious treasure that you hold in your heart?  Your faith is the outstretched begging hand that receives the merits of Jesus.

Maybe the grace of God in your life isn’t a gift but an empowerment?  “May God give me the grace to make it through the day.” God’s grace to you is the forgiveness that you should never receive.  It is a crime for me to be forgiven.  I don’t deserve it.  In no way does Jesus deserve to take my spot.  That’s my incredible reality because of Jesus.

Do you find yourself falling into this mindset? “I love the Bible!  At least the parts that I agree with.  Some parts are outdated.  Most everyone lives together before marriage.  I don’t know that God really understood what life would be like in 2017 when he wrote it 2000 some years ago.  Some parts are older yet!”  God’s word is changeless.  This is a comfort, not a ball and chain.  You never need to wonder if your God will grow weary of your continued failures because God doesn’t change, his word doesn’t either.

Use this anniversary as an opportunity for you to return to God.  It’s all about Jesus.

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