Stewardship is Life

Do you live to eat?  Maybe you eat to live?  These questions having a deeper meaning than just the contents of your next meal.  I submit to you that Christians do neither.  Christians eat to serve.  The whole purpose behind food is fuel for the body so that we can serve our God with all of our heart.  That’s quite a positive look on food, isn’t it?

For the sake of argument consider that a person abuses food.  They either eat WAY too much or too little and their bodies are harmed every time that person bellies up to the feed trough.  That person isn’t using food to God’s glory and needs to reexamine the stewardship principles God has established.

Food is a fun place to start, but these stewardship principles spill over into every area of life.  Do you chafe at the thought getting your loved one a cup of tea before bed?  Does your heart skip a beat when there is a pile of dirty laundry on your child’s floor?  Maybe not always, but those are great uses of our time.  The argument could be made that nothing lasting is accomplished.  I would say that’s the wrong way to look at it.  Menial service jobs are a great way to use our time.  Anything that is done out of thanks for what Jesus had done for us is a good work.  Those simple jobs that no one will ever see is a powerful express of worship to God.  Making your child’s lunch for school us a service to your God.  Feeding a small baby in a high chair or an elderly member of the community in a nursing home is a spiritual act of praise.  I could keep going, but the opportunities are endless.

My prayer for you is that your eyes are opened to all that God can accomplish through you.  Stewardship is life!