Teach Me How To Pray

I can see the disciples watch Jesus walk back into their group.  They know that he’s been gone again.  Jesus didn’t play hookie.  He wasn’t nursing an addiction.  There was nothing that the perfect Son of God needed to explain to anyone, but the disciples wanted in!  They wanted to know how to pray!

This begs the question – how could they not have known?!  Surely someone must have showed them!  From very early on we teach our children to fold they hands and thank God for the food they are about to eat.  In those very early stages, they may not have a good grasp on what they are doing, but those pious habits pave the way for doctrine and teachable moments when it all comes together.

The Lord’s Prayer is a model prayer for us.  It doesn’t neglect the physical needs that we need.  The petition for our daily bread includes everything that we need to survive.  Think about saline solution and refrigeration for our food.  Think about transportation and shelter.  That is all that we need, of course.  There are four other petitions that cover different spiritual aspects of our lives.

In this message we’ll look at these points and see how Jesus explains himself in a parable.  Do you think of yourself as evil?  Of course not, but compared to our perfect Father in heaven who answers our prayers, we are.  Prayer is a gift from God.  Listen as Jesus teaches you how to pray!