The Good Shepherd Keeps Us Safe on Our Easter Journey

There are plenty of dangers in life.  Just breaking your skin with a rusty nail can expose you to a lethal bacteria known as tetanus.  Even today people die from tetanus and lock jaw.  There are ways to prevent tetanus from ruining your life.  Danger is everywhere.  Risk is part of life.  Avoiding drying your hair in a bathtub full of water or thinking twice before playing tag on a busy highway are simple common sense things we can do to stay safe.  Sometimes there are situations that we can’t control.  For that we need our God.

The picture of the Good Shepherd is one that is familiar to us.  In Psalm 23 King David, who had spent many years tending to sheep, introduces us to our Good Shepherd.  During Jesus’ public ministry he builds on the theme, using that illustration of a sheep and a shepherd to rebuke his enemies and to give God’s people comfort.

In our text from the first ten verses of John 10, Jesus goes after the Pharisees for their shameful treatment of a man who was born blind.  In our sermon we look at how the Good Shepherd keeps us safe on our Easter Journey.  He gives us shepherds, just as he did in ancient times.  We know his voice.  That may sound overly simple, but the Spirit uses the gospel to convince hearts that it is the Good Shepherd’s voice.  Finally we’ll see how God will provide us with safe passage through this life and one day finally into our heavenly pasture.  There we will be with our Good Shepherd for eternity, living in peace.

Want to see this picture of your Good Shepherd?  Watch or listen to the sermon!

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