The Last Day

Her face was downcast.  There was shame.  She knew that she should not have eaten four pieces of bacon.  That broke the long standing rule of the “three-piece-limit” when it came to bacon consumption in the Guldberg house.  I asked her what she had to say for herself and she muttered out, “Sorry.”  I don’t know that sorry would cut it.  The bacon couldn’t be uneaten.  I couldn’t allow the other families members to have four pieces of bacon.  What should be the punishment?

Is that how you envision the last day?  Time is gone.  There is no rush.  We have the rest of eternity in the courtroom of the almighty where every person gets grilled for their transgressions and sins.

In Daniel 7 we have a look at the Last Day.  The Ancient of Days – God – sets up court and the books are opened.  What will you say?  You can’t explain away your guilt.  Before we go any further I know that most people stop here and put it out of their minds.  It is easier to dismiss the final judgment before God than to admit that it will happen.  The truth is that everyone will have to stand before God.  If think you can stand before God on your own merits it should scare you.  Be afraid.

God never wanted you to stand on your own merits.  He know that you can’t.  Don’t even try.  The answer of my little girl was the perfect – only – answer.  “I’m sorry.”  God sent Jesus to live in our place and to die in our place.  On the Last Day you will not be condemned because Jesus was condemned in your place.  You will not go to hell because Jesus endured the eternal punishment on the cross.  The Last Day will be the first day of your eternal life.  Look forward to the Last Day.