The Potter’s Hands

Some 500 years ago Martin Luther pounded 95 Thesis, or discussion topics, on the local bulletin board – the castle church door.  There was nothing essentially rebellious about his work.  His conscience bothered him and he wanted to talk about a few things.  That innocent action ignited a world wide movement to reform the church.  The return to the gospel is one of the most important events in the history of the world.  For our sermon we will consider the little topic of repentance.  It made a big impact on Martin Luther.  It speaks to how we can be right with God.  Jeremiah was given an object lesson in the house of a potter.  He watched how the potter used his hands to form the clay as he saw fit.  The clay didn’t have a say.  Our God is the master potter, making us – in love – for his purposes.  This was true of Martin Luther and it is true for each of us.  We are clay in the Master Potter’s hands.

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