The Proof of Salvation

Easter is all about the proof.  I think that all of us know of the empty tomb, but we might be a little fuzzy on what it means.  God accomplished many things during Holy Week.  Giving us the command to love each other, instituting the Lord’s Supper, offering up the High Priestly Prayer, and most importantly dying for the sins of the whole world.  That last event is important because the peace of a clear conscience that we enjoy, the forgiveness of sins and eternal life were accomplished on Good Friday.  So why do we need Easter?  We could just take God’s word for it, but the reality is that we need proof.

Have you ever made a promise to someone that you care about, had every intention of keeping that promise, but for X, Y, or Z reasons you didn’t.  The promise was broken.  Someone was left disappointed.  God doesn’t do that.  He keeps every promise.  First off we can’t imagine that.  No one can ever keep his word all the time.  There are events that are beyond our control, and – being perfectly honest – we let people down.  We let ourselves down!  Easter is the proof that God will not only never let you down, but that he has kept every promise perfectly.  Let’s be clear – his promises are really big.  Don’t think death and taxes – think your sins are forgiven.  Think on the Last Day you will rise from the dead.  We could just take his word for it, but we don’t have to.  He proved it by being the first one on Easter.

Easter spills over into the lives of people around us.  Do you realize that no other faith has a living prophet – a living God – who has kept every promise perfectly?  This is a game changer when you witness your faith.  Your God isn’t dead.  That is why it’s disappointing to hear “Christians” say they deny the resurrection.  Jesus lives.  There is enough evidence in the Bible for Jesus to be convicted of being alive in a court of Law.  There is eye witness testimony of hundreds of people.  We need Easter because it is the proof of God keeping his promises.  Those promises will carry us all the way through death to eternal life.

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