Transfigure Your Love

What does love look like?  Do you see a person shining so brightly that it hurts your eyes to look at him?  Do you see what the prophet Isaiah talked about in the first few verses of chapter 53.  As the chapter goes on the picture doesn’t get any better.

The topic of love in American society is really very simple.  I love pizza.  I love how it tastes.  I love feeling full after eating… only half of a pizza.  My birthday meal every year is pizza with a cold beer.  My love for pizza is very selfish.  It’s based on what pizza does for me.  I don’t care about the pizza, as long as there is enough of it to satisfy my appetite.

Is the love that people show on Valentine’s Day any different?  Are we inherently selfish when it comes to our relationships?  Do we focus on our appetites and how the other person makes us feel.  And… following that logic, if that feeling goes away or if there is someone that gives us a better feeling, shouldn’t we change relationships, if it’s all about us.

I think it’s time that we transfigure our love.  God offers something so completely different that many can’t imagine what that love looks like.  Our sermon from Mark chapter 9 gives us the supreme example of God’s love.  Want to hear more?  Check out this week’s sermon.