Trustworthy God

What does it mean to be trustworthy?  Trust isn’t something that comes quickly.  I suppose it can, but the longer I love the more difficult it becomes to trust.  This is why Jesus holds up the relatively unblemished faith of a child.  I don’t think it’s because children can actually trust better than anyone else.  I believe the problem with people who aren’t children is that they have been alive long enough to be betrayed, to know what disappointment is like.  Consider this…

A man needs to purchase a car.  Should he go to “Speedy Bob’s Car Lot”?  They have in house financing and a 24-hour money back guarantee.  Speedy bob has no web presence and all of the cars on his lot seem to be great deals?  Or… you could go to the local dealership.  Car salesmen of any stripe might be a bad example of trust, but someplace with a brand name behind them – often, but not always – means there is a better chance you’ll walk away with a functional vehicle.

There are many who view God the same way.  They look at the hundred different religions on the planet like candy bars in a vending machine.  Which one should I try today?  Would it be wise to go with an Eastern Religion today?  Even if a person picked Christianity, the many different tribes under the Christian umbrella make it difficult to pick the right one.  After all there are Christian “faiths” that reject the Bible completely.  Their gospel is one of social goodness.  There isn’t a word of sin – that might offend someone.  The worst part is that there is no grace either.

Want to hear more?  Including the rock solid guarantees that God offers in the Bible?  Watch this week’s message taken from 2 Corinthians 1 – A Trustworthy God.