Worry Free New Year

Is the glass half empty?  Do you look at a new day and wonder what will go wrong?  What about a New Year?  That can be a little overwhelming.  I guess I can understand a point of view from the negative.  We live in a sinful world, clothed in sinful flesh, harassed by the devil and his minions every step of the way.

Worries can consume us like a fog.  Did you know that one acre of fog can be gathered up into one glass of water.  There isn’t really a whole lot to fog, but that doesn’t mean it can’t paralyze us.  Look at some of the side effects of worry.  Sometimes just the thought of something going wrong can be enough to keep a Christian from witnessing his faith.  The fear of the unknown can squelch generosity.  Then there are the REAL problems that we can’t control.  What can we do with all of them?

Stop, wait a minute.  Think about who it is who controls all things.  Jesus knew that this world would be difficult.  In the greatest sermon the world ever heard Jesus was addressing the crowd from the side of a mountain – a kind of natural amphitheater.  There he reminded us and his immediate audience exact who controls all things.  That would be our loving God.  That person still controls this world with the ups and downs of politics and the economy.  Want to hear how God rescued us from our worries?  Want to take a peak down the road of worry to see where it leads?  Check out Sunday’s sermon from Matthew 6.


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