Bible Information Class

Faith comes from hearing the message, and the message is heard through the word of Christ. – Romans 10:17
Whether you’re looking for a refresher course or brand new to the Christian Faith Star of Bethlehem’s Bible Information Class is right for you. The class is offered regularly throughout the year. Topics covered include:

  • How God Gives Eternal Life
  • How we Became Sinful
  • The Tender Heart of God
  • The Price of our Salvation
  • The Proof of our Salvation
  • Receiving Salvation
  • Receiving Salvation Through Baptism
  • Receiving Salvation Through the Lord’s Supper
  • The Final Result of Our Salvation
  • Only One Way to Heaven
  • God’s Guide for the Christian Home
  • God’s Guide for the Christian in the Community
  • God’s Guide for the Christian Congregation
  • God’s Guide for Christian Prayer
  • God is the Source of Everything
  • Which God is Our God
  • Which Church is Our Church
  • Using God’s Gifts
  • Letting Your Light Shine

Please contact Pastor Fred for more information.