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Each Sunday at 10 am EST we stream our worship service online to members of our church that can’t attend and for those that are simply interested in his word.  God’s blessing on your worship!

For our 10 AM worship service today:

Happy Valentine’s Day!  It might seem a little odd to have a day set aside for love.  Should’ve we love everyone all the time?  Well, let’s go with it.  I am married to a beautiful woman – and I wrote her a card expressing my love.  That really wasn’t that hard.  But what I’m not sure about is what to get for the neighbor who is mean to me?  What do I get for the guy who just cut me off on the interstate?  How about that guy at work who’s spreading rumors about your work performance?  Maybe this isn’t so easy after all.  This Sunday we’re back in the Gospel of Matthew watching Jesus redirect our thoughts – this time on the topic of love.
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