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For our 10:00 AM worship service this morning:

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The King Shall Come

The Church Year begins with the season of Advent, which means “coming.” When someone is coming over, what do you do? It depends on who is coming and why they are coming. If it’s a good friend popping in for a quick visit, you don’t worry too much about how the house looks or serving a meal. But imagine the governor is coming over for an evening to give you some sort of citizen’s award. That’s a big deal. There is work to be done: deep cleaning, planning a menu, getting the yard looking its best, etc.

So, is Advent a big deal? It depends on who is coming and why they are coming. In this worship series, we get the answer to those questions. We see that the King shall come. We see why the King came on that first Christmas and why he shall come again on judgment day. In this season, we also cherish the way our King comes to us today in Word and sacrament, establishing his reign in our hearts.

Prepare to Meet Him

Throughout history, God has raised up called servants—like John the Baptist—to preach a message of repentance. This repentance is central to our preparation for the Lord’s coming. Without repentance, the King’s coming only terrifies. But all those who believe and repent look forward to the coming of the King and the consummation of his everlasting kingdom.

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Quick Tips for Online Worship

#1 Be Present

There are bound to be digital and physical distractions around you once the service begins. Make wise choices with your environment in an effort to limit those distractions.

#2 Worship

You are not meant to be a spectator in online worship. Your are a participant. Do whatever you can to engage your heart and mind. Sing along with the songs. Participate in the prayers.  Take notes on the sermon. You can even ask questions and/or comment in the chat box. Our prayer is that this is an experience that allows you to grow your faith relationship with God.

#3 Share 

Please invite your friends and family to online worship by sharing the link in an email, in a text, or through Facebook. There are so many people in our communities that are looking for hope during these times and our online service is a perfect place for them to be encouraged.


Please click HERE for a list of questions to help with your personal preparation prior to attending the Lord’s Supper.