Welcome to the Live Worship Page of Star of Bethlehem Lutheran Church!

Each Sunday at 10 am EST we stream our worship service online to members of our church and for those that are simply interested in his word.  God’s blessing on your worship!

Quick Tips for Online Worship

#1 Be Present

There are bound to be digital distractions once the service begins. Make wise choices with your environment in an effort to limit those distractions.

#2 Worship

You are not meant to be a spectator in online worship. Your are a participant. Do whatever you can to engage your heart and mind. Sing along with the songs. Participate in the prayers.  Take notes on the sermon. You can even ask questions and/or comment in the chat box. Our prayer is that this is an experience that allows you to grow your faith relationship with God.

#3 Share 

Right now, you can’t invite a friend to our building and sit next to them in a row, but…you can invite them to online worship by sharing the link in an email, in a text, or through Facebook. There are so many people in our communities that are looking for hope during this time and our online service is a perfect place for them to be encouraged.

For our 10 AM worship service this evening:

A common misconception is that Christians don’t get depressed … or at least they shouldn’t get depressed. Saying depressions shouldn’t happen only serves to make God’s people – who already feel guilty and weak – even more guilty and weak. Christians do suffer from depression. The Lord has a message for you in your depression. The Lord removes your guilt.  This Sunday marks the start of the Advent season, a time of preparation before our Christmas celebration.

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