Kid’s Church – Sunday School during the worship service



All of the children are invited to come forward for a brief message tailored to them following the theme of the week.  Following the Children’s Message, the children are excused to go back and sit with their parents or attend KID’S CHURCH – Sunday school during the worship service.  Please click HERE for an example of Children’s Message from our YouTube playlist.

Children's Message for the Kids

The Sunday school lesson runs between 20 and 30 minutes.  This means that the children normally return to their parents during the offering.


Children as young as three may attend.  Parents are welcome to come along to Kid’s Church if it makes the child feel more comfortable.  Attendance runs through the 5th grade.  Starting in 6th grade families begin CONFIRMATION INSTRUCTION.

For the safety of our church family all Kid’s Church leaders are required to go through a Federal background check.