Evangelism Teleconferences

The North Atlantic District Commission for Evangelism Teleconferences
These were held quarterly from 2012 to 2015.  Please click the date to listen to the teleconference.  The format was for each church to offer one program or activity that is going well for them.  At the end of the call everyone has the opportunity to ask questions of the group.  The calls are no longer than one hour.  Let me know if you have any changes to a transcript that you would like to add.  Blessings on your kingdom work!
Participants: Mark Johnston, Charlie Boetcher, and Andrew Thorn
Topics: Post Easter followup, working with a frustrated church
HERE is a link to the transcript.
Participants: Newt Trimmer, Dave Backus, Don Tollefson, Charlie Boetcher, Karl Schauland, Phil Gurgel
Topics: Christmas for Kids, +/- Post Cards, Food Banks, Hispanic Outreach
HERE is a link to the transcript.
Participants: Dale Betterson
Topics:Trunk or Treat, Christmas for Kids, Harvest Strategies
HERE is a link to the transcript.
Participants: Jeremiah Gumm
Topics: 4 Kids Events, Apologetic for youth, College Bible Class
HERE is a link to the transcript.
Participants: Peter Wee, Luke Thompson, Mark Johnston, Paul Waldek
Topics: Korean Outreach, Baseball Camp, Visitor Followup
HERE is a link to the transcript.
Participants: John Ott, Paul Workentine
Topics: Nothing is “working”, but God blesses us, VBS, Outreach to Deaf, Web Presence/Social Media
HERE is the link to the transcript.
Participants: John Baumgartner, Tim, Ehler, Mark Johnston, Peter Wee, Joel Schulz
Topics:Community festivals, Camps, +/- Canvassing
HERE is the link to the transcript.
Participants: Paul G, Jim Hendrickson, John Ott, Roger Huffman, Tom Zarling, Tom Tollefson, Mark Johnston, Kathy Smith, Mark Birkholtz
Topics: Job seminar, radio advertisement, friendship evangelism course, VBS, ESL, Canvassing, Community Market, Encouragement
HERE is the link to the transcript