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Church Year

Jesus ascended into heaven


It is tempting to join the disciples and stare into the heavens. Jesus ascension was necessary because there is work to be done. What would the Christian church and our ministry look like if Jesus was still here on earth walking around the countryside and talking to everyone he met? Read to find out.

What makes Christmas wonderful and enchanting?

The Wonder of Christmas

Who is Quirinius? What is a census? This doesn’t sound like Christmas. It sounds like a trip to a government agency! The events of that first Christmas were very ordinary. What was it that made Christmas wonderful and enchanting? Let’s ask Mary…

What is Advent?

Have you ever had company over for Christmas? Some of my fondest memories growing up are the moments before family and friends arrived at our house. Advent is a Latin word that means coming. Who’s coming for Christmas? Well, Jesus, of course! Advent is a season of preparation. If you would clean the house to […]