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Jesus ascended into heaven


It is tempting to join the disciples and stare into the heavens. Jesus ascension was necessary because there is work to be done. What would the Christian church and our ministry look like if Jesus was still here on earth walking around the countryside and talking to everyone he met? Read to find out.

Give to Casesar what is Caesar's and God what is God's

Death and Taxes

Are you one of those people in January who waits by the mailbox hoping that the final tax document will come? That’s probably because you get a refund. For many people taxes are not something to look forward to each April. It has been said that death and taxes are two sure things in life. Jesus took care of death on Easter. What does God say about my taxes?

Baptism is a washing of rebirth and renewal in the Holy Spirit.

Baptism – Water and the Word

It has been said, “Cleanliness is next to godliness.” Is there anything worse than sitting next to someone who obviously hasn’t bathed in a while? For all of the products that are available for keeping our body clean, there aren’t many for keeping our souls clean.