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Jesus taught the people using parables.

Parabolic – As Study of Divine Stories

Jesus was the master story teller.  His skills go beyond the parables themselves to how he interacted with his friends and enemies.  How often he ignores a question that is asked him.  Other times he takes the time to answer a question thoughtfully.

The Tower of Babel explains where all of the different languages came from.

VIC – Very Important Chapters

Our summer Bible class series swings into action Sunday, June 17th following worship.  We’ll be looking at a few of the very important chapters of the Bible.

The church picnic is a great way to meet people!

Church Picnic

Enjoy the cool weather at the church picnic!  It’s a great time to invite a friend.  We start off with a worship service at 10 AM in the picnic shelter and then enjoy a meal.  There is a playground and plenty of room for the kids to run!

Shine the light of Jesus on a dark holiday!

Trunk or Treat 2018

Help us shine the light of Jesus on a dark holiday!  If you’ve never been to a Trunk or Treat, you love the costumes, the games, and food.  Members ring the front parking lot of the church with their cars pointing out.  In their trunks they have a simple game for kids to play.  After each game the kids get a candy treat!  After playing up an appetite, come inside for a hot dog and a cold drink.