Devotions by Barbara Johnson

Date: October, 07, 2020
Time: 7:00 PM

Barbara Johnson will take you into a series of devotions just for ladies.  Her southern wit and charm will win you over.  These easy-to-work-through devotions touch on different areas of a lady’s life!  We’re sure you’ll enjoy your time and grow in your faith as you dig into God’s word. Join the ladies every other Wednesday for an online Bible study.  Please click HERE for the Zoom link.

Here is a list of the study guides.

2 – Have you checked your wardrobe lately?

3 – Golden Moments 

4 – Twenty Five

5 – Get Over It

6 – No Strings Attached

7 – Joy Germ

8 – Enjoy the Ride

9 – The God Who Sees

10 – A Gift from the Scrap Pile

11 – Dot-to-Dot Living