Date: December, 30, 2020
Time: 8:00 AM

Colosse was located in a beautiful valley in Asia Minor on an important trade route between Ephesus and the Far East. We don’t know when the congregation there was started. It was probably started while Paul was in Ephesus on his third missionary journey.

Paul wrote this letter from prison. A member of the congregation, Epaphras, had traveled from Colosse to Rome to ask Paul to help the Christians in Colosse with a doctrinal problem. It seems that the church was being troubled by a new philosophy. This philosophy did not deny Christ outright, but from what Paul says, it robbed Christ of his place in the Christian’s life. To some, Christ was no longer all the Christian needed.

Each Wednesday at 10:30 AM for ten weeks we’ll look at a portion of Paul’s letter.  Everyone is welcome to attend these mid week studies.  We’ll use Zoom for our meeting.  HERE is the link.

Lesson One: Give Thanks

Give thanks for what exactly?  More problems in new churches.  Did Paul ever think, why bother?  Was this a losing battle as God’s people kept on running into one problem after another?  Let’s see what our God has to say in this important book.

Colossians – Lesson One: Give Thanks

Lesson Two: Blessings

How many socks do you have in your drawer?  If you’re anything like me, you’ve never taken the time to count them.  Like a drawer full of socks – the Apostle Paul lists off all the blessings the Colossians have been given.  Let’s see if we have any in common!

Colossians – Lesson Two: Blessings

Lesson Three: Nothing Else

Paul presents us with one of the most extensive treatments of Jesus found in Scripture. There is nothing above him, nothing he cannot do, and no power for faith and life he cannot give us. Everything we have as God’s people and everything we need for life and godliness can be found in him. We need nothing else.

Colossians – Lesson Three: Nothing Else

Lesson Four: Present Perfect

How could Paul take a congregation and present them as perfect to our Holy God?  I know it’s a great idea to have goals, but this one seem to be unattainable!  Come and hear how the gospel of Jesus really does make you perfect.

Colossians – Lesson Four: Present Perfect

Lesson Five: Nailed

Crucifixion was a public spectacle in the ancient world.  It’s purpose was two-fold.  1) The person being executed died – just not right away.  Crucifixion often took days.  2) Those passing by would see the crosses and be reminded of what happened to anyone who challenged Rome.

Colossians – Lesson Five: Nailed

Lesson Six: Reality Check

Why do we worship on Sunday instead of Saturday?  Do we still need to celebrate the Old Testament festivals?  What about the dietary restrictions found in the Bible?  I love shrimp, but does God want me to eat them?  We’ll answer these questions as we continue with our Colossians mid-week study.

Colossians – Lesson Six: Reality Check

Lesson Seven: Reset

Are you ready for a reset?  Set you heart on things above – not on earthly things.  We’ll considers our God’s encouragement for pious living as we continue with our Colossians mid-week study this morning.

Colossians – Lesson Seven: Reset


Lesson Eight: Motivational

Have you ever heard a motivational speaker?  They will get you pumped up to get the job done (whatever the job may be).  That level of excitement can’t be sustained.  God has a different kind of encouragement for his people.

Colossians – Lesson Eight: Motivational

Lesson Nine: Dirty Jobs

What is the worst job that you’ve ever had?  Maybe it was a tough go in the military.  Did you find yourself in a fast-food job?  There are some jobs that are objectively worse than others.  The Apostle Paul’s job at this point in his life was terrible.  His prayer request might surprise you.

Colossians – Lesson Nine: Dirty Jobs

Lesson Ten: Year Book

“Hey, Bob, can you sign my yearbook?”  The memories from school are powerful.  While I don’t think that any of us would want to go back to middle school, the concept of a year book was an old one.  Greet my friends when you see them again.  Friendships that started years ago for the Christian can carry on into eternity.

Colossians – Lesson Ten: Year Books