New Hymnal Order

Date: April, 03, 2022

Star of Bethlehem Lutheran church is adopting the new hymnal in 2022.  The church has purchased a license so that we can print out everything including the notation for hymns in the worship folder.  You can see Sunday’s worship folder HERE.  The deadline to fill out the form is Sunday April 3rd.

You do NOT need to purchase one of the new hymnals, however enough members have asked about ordering the new hymnals that we are putting out a form so those who wish to do so can order them together and save on shipping costs.

Some members have also asked about taking one or more of the old hymnals home for personal use.  You may fill out this form to reserve one of the hymnals for yourself.  You do NOT need to take one of the old hymnals.  We will attempt to donate the old hymnals that are not taken by our members.

New Hymnal Order

Please fill out this form to either order one of the new Hymnals - Christian Worship 2022 (CW22) OR reserve one of the old hymnals Christian Worship 1993 (CW93).
Each hymnal is $24. You may place your payment in the offering plate or make a donation online on the giving page of our website. You do NOT need to purchase a new hymnal. Some members would like one to bring to worship and/or to have at home for personal use.
We are not charging if members would like to take one or more of the old hymnals home. You are welcome to make a donation. The suggested price on the NPH website for the old hymnals is $22.50.