Date: November, 15, 2020
Time: 11:00 AM

1355 Jonestown Rd Winston Salem, NC 27103

Are you looking forward to the election?  Do you dread having to watch or listen to another political add on your favorite source of media?  Maybe you’ve sworn off Facebook until November 4th?  This week we started a new Bible study on politics.

Lesson 1 – Two Kingdoms: Part 1

In our first lesson we’ll start to break down the two kingdoms that exist on this planet.  Our Lord rules them both!  The first, maybe the most obvious is the church.  Please click HERE to watch the class.

Lesson 2 – Two Kingdoms: Part 2

Whoah, this all looks really bad.  The kingdoms of this world not only don’t look like our God controls them, they also look openly hostile to Christianity!  How can the Christian function in such a hostile environment?  Please click HERE to watch and find out.

Lesson 3 – The Imperfect State: Part 1

Our Lord controls all things for the good of his children, but that doesn’t mean the state is always a friend of Christianity. We’ll look at few examples in Scripture of the state in action. At times to is a little difficult to tell if an action is truly evil because God has a way of working everything out for the good of his children. Please click HERE to watch and find out.

Lesson 4 – The Imperfect State: Part 2

The prophet Daniel was thrown to certain death in a lion’s den.  The next morning, after our God protected him from the lions, what do you think his attitude would’ve been towards the king?  Defiance?  Maybe a little taunting.  The point is that Daniel is a great example of showing respect to our leaders.  It doesn’t matter if we’re talking about a leader whom we voted for or one that we don’t agree with.  God calls us to give them respect and honor.  Please click HERE to watch!

Lesson 5 – The Separation of Church and State: Part 1

Certain things go great together.  Church and state aren’t on that list.  This Sunday we’ll see how God loves the idea of church and state being separate.  There are some dangers that go along with the mixing of the two.  In some ways this can’t be avoided – roads, police, fire, etc.  However there are very real risks for others.  If I take money from the government, will there be strings attached?  Join us as we explore this very important topic HERE.