Ladies Bible Study – The Chosen Season 1

Date: April, 20, 2022
Time: 7:00 PM

In season 1 of The Chosen we meet Jesus for the first time.  He finds and calls his disciples.  The TV series looks at the back story of the lives of the disciples.

We’ll look at pieces from each episode and compare them to Scripture.  Everyone is welcome to attend this mid week study.  We’ll use Zoom for our meeting.  HERE is the link.

Lesson One: Demons and Taxes

Have you ever seen a demon?  How about a Pharisee?  Do you enjoy paying taxes?  We’ll meet Mary, Nico, Levi, and two brothers who are struggling to make ends meet.

Please click HERE to watch the first episode.

Lesson Two: Remember the Sabbath

A day of rest was commanded for God’s people.  This episode looks at some of the traditions of the Sabbath.

Please click HERE to watch the second episode.

Lesson Three: The Very First Disciples

There is alot of Jesus’ life that we don’t know.  Who were his first disciples?  Maybe it was a handful of children eager to learn from their Lord.

Please click HERE to watch the third episode.

Lesson Four: Fish Like Your Life Depended On It

Fishing is hard work.  It’s even harder when you have no other options.  What do you do when you’re at your wits end?

Please click HERE to watch the fourth episode.

Lesson Five: Wedding Gift

God joins two people together as one in marriage.  That is a great reason to celebrate!  Everyone loves a party!  But is there anything worse than running out of food at a wedding?  In the ancient world the embarrassment could be great if you ran out of wine.  In Episode 5 we watch Jesus perform his first public miracle.

Please click HERE to watch the Fifth episode.

Lesson Six: Unclean

No one will touch you.  If they find out who you are, they run away.  You are unclean before God and man because you are a leper.  In episode six we’ll explore what life was like in the ancient world for those who were chronically ill.  Leprosy is still around today.  Modern sanitation has made it extremely rare.

Please click HERE to watch the sixth episode.

Lesson Seventh: Evening Meeting

You can have thirty minutes with Jesus – one on one.  What question would you ask him?  Where would you begin?  John 3 details such a conversation with Nicodemus and Jesus.  In this episode we get a glimpse into that conversation and see the call of Matthew.

Please click HERE to watch the seventh episode.

Lesson Eight: Woman at the Well

Why would one woman draw water during the heat of the day in the ancient world?  It was because she had burned every bridge, every relationship she had.  There was very little left for her socially, spiritually – she was broken… until Jesus.  Jesus changes everything.

Please click HERE to watch the eighth episode.