The Reason for God

Date: October, 08, 2023
Time: 9:00 AM

Tim Keller’s A Reason for God is a look at the tension between faith and doubt in our nation.  We’ll consider many of the hot button topics that people may encounter in our culture.  Can there really be just one religion?  Why is there so much suffering?  The point of walking through these questions is to see that God offers answer for these and every question of our world.  Ultimately the answer is found in Jesus.

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Lesson One: Introduction

I find your lack of faith-disturbing.  Darth Vader

Lesson Two: One to Rule Them All

There can’t be just one true religion is the official name of this lesson, but I though Tolkien’s title works better.  It is offensive to sinful man to teach that Christianity is the only true religion.

Lesson Three: Everything Come Untrue

Why do bad things happen to good people?  Ok, let’s make it easier – Why do bad things happen?  Ok, let’s back it off more – why do REALLY bad things happen rarely?  No matter how you slice it, it’s difficult to get around the trial of suffering.

Lesson Four: So Much Injustice

Fanatics and nominal Christians might be on opposite ends of the spectrum, but they can end up having the same result when people examine their lives.  How does the behavior of some Christians impact the unbelieving world around them?  Is Christianity really the source of evil and violence in the world?

Lesson Five: How Could a Loving God and Hell Both Exist

Can a loving God send someone to hell?  There are Christians who deny this!  We’ll look at a few of the arguments that reasonable people make against the existence of hell.

Lesson Six: Science Disproves Christianity

We know so many things about the world.  Haven’t we reached a point in the history of the world where we no longer need “god” to solve our problems?  Science has all the answers, doesn’t it?

Lesson Seven: You Can’t Take The Bible Literally

Did God really mean that?  It sounds hard to believe.  Didn’t God want us to use our common sense when we read something fantastic in the Bible?  Does God mean what he says?  What if some really smart people would just tell us what is true and false in the Bible?  That actually happened.

Lesson Eight: Intermission

We’re going to change gears at this point in the book.  We’ve looked at the top seven reason for people to NOT believe in Christianity.  Before we jump into arguments FOR Christianity we need to work through a few important questions.