The Reason for God

Date: May, 28, 2023
Time: 9:00 AM

Tim Keller’s A Reason for God is a look at the tension between faith and doubt in our nation.  We’ll consider many of the hot button topics that people may encounter in our culture.  Can there really be just one religion?  Why is there so much suffering?  The point of walking through these questions is to see that God offers answer for these and every question of our world.  Ultimately the answer is found in Jesus.

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Lesson One: Introduction

I find your lack of faith-disturbing.  Darth Vader

Lesson Two: One to Rule Them All

There can’t be just one true religion is the official name of this lesson, but I though Tolkien’s title works better.  It is offensive to sinful man to teach that Christianity is the only true religion.