The Search for the Twelve Apostles

Date: December, 13, 2023
Time: 10:30 AM

The Search for the Twelve Apostles starts with the book of Acts and then jumps into church history as we track the lives of Jesus’ Apostles.

We proclaim to you the one who existed from the beginning, whom we have heard and seen. We saw him with our own eyes and touched him with our own hands. He is the Word of life. – 1 John 1:1

Everyone is welcome to attend this mid week study. If you would like to purchase the book you may find it HERE on Amazon or anywhere books are sold.  The book was written in the 70’s so you may be able to find a copy at a used book store.

We’ll use Zoom for our meeting.  HERE is the link.

Lesson One: Introduction

How much do you know about the Twelve Apostles?  In this book we’ll start at Scripture and jump into history following where the clues might lead.


Lesson Two: Peter

If you had to name the leader of the Apostles it would have to be the guy who jumped out of the boat, confessed his faith, and denied his Lord – Peter.