Halloween Cookout 2020

Halloween 2020 was a fantastic!  The numbers weren’t as high as our annual Trunk or Treat, but the turnout was strong!  Just to give you an idea of what the crowd was like, the kids didn’t go through the available candy!  We only had a fraction of our usual supplies, but it didn’t matter.  You see, families could do the games on their own.  There were about six games set up against the far wall.  Parents were welcomed to play the games with their kids, and of course take a piece or two of candy each time.  After one round through the kids wanted to keep playing the games.  They didn’t bother to take the candy!  In fact soon they just wanted to play together.  It was a great night of fun and fellowship.  God has blessed our flock with some new faces over the past six months.  This event gave them a chance to build relationships, something they haven’t had much opportunity to do in 2020.