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'Babylonian Captivity' Tagged Sermons

Jeremiah is call the weeping prophet because he had to watch God's people be destroyed.

Sinking Feeling

What was the lowest point in your life? For Jeremiah you might think that it was being thrown into a cistern (big hole for water storage). It’s hard to imagine, but things got even worse. Watch how Jeremiah responded on his bad days and consider how we can respond as well. Even in the low points of life as we bear our crosses, God is still with us.

The prophet Ezekiel offer hope to the Jews living in exile.

A Prophet Among Them

There are all kinds of struggles that we face in the world.  Some of them can come to us because of God’s word.  This shouldn’t surprise us because Jesus warned us that this would come.  We are not of the world, but we are in the world as light shining in the darkness.  May we bring peace and hope to a dying world through God’s word.