An usher is responsible for maintaining order during regular church and special seasonal services.  This includes duties and responsibilities that must be performed each service.  If for any reason, you cannot usher on your assigned dates, please be aware you are responsible for securing an alternate.  Any member our our church may usher.  You can find the service schedule HERE.

Remember, that often the first person a visitor to our church meets will be the usher. As the initial contact, you will set the tone for the visitor’s first experience with our church.  Make them feel at home and be courteous and friendly.  Tell them you are glad they came.  Here is a list of duties we are asking all ushers to perform.

  1.  Arrive at church 10-15 minutes prior to service start. Turn on all lights and fans, including lighting of altar. Switches for altar are on left wall of the projector screen area. Other switches are next to sanctuary entrance on the left back wall and behind the left wall up by the altar.
  2. Greet and hand out service bulletins to attendees, answering questions about our church, and assisting any handicapped or elderly worshipers to a seat if necessary..
  3. A few minutes before the start of worship, if there is no acolyte, light candles on the altar, using equipment located in right storage room at the front of the sanctuary.
  4. Record the count total church attendance, children’s Sunday school attendance, communion attendees, after service bible study and visitors.  Enter attendance numbers onto sheet of paper used for keeping track of food pantry recipients.  For church attendance, all attendees should be counted including all children.
  5. Sit in back pew area during the service.
  6. At the end of the service, during the last stanza of the final hymn, if there is no acolyte, find the candle lighter/snuffer from the right storage room at the front of the sanctuary and snuff out the two altar candles located on the alter (and Advent/Easter candles if applicable). After replacing candle lighter/snuffer and take a seat at right front pew and wait for pastor to conclude service.
  7. At conclusion of worship service, and after pastor has walked to back of church, the usher then moves to center front aisle and dismisses attendees row by row.
  8. Communion: This occurs second and fourth Sunday of each month. There will be a table covered by a white cloth at front of church. Just prior to the beginning of the communion liturgy, etc. usher goes to front and moves table carefully to front center of altar entrance. Then return to back of church. When the pastor calls for the congregation to come forward, the usher goes down the main aisle to the front row of attendees and ushers that row to go to the table and take the packets of bread and wine and return to their seats via the outside rows. The procedure is repeated at each row both sides, until all have been served. Then usher collects the empty communion packs and disposes of them after Communion is completed.
  9.  After dismissing all attendees, usher collects any returned bulletins and throw them into recycle can in the church office.
  10. Finally turn off lights and fans in chapel and inspect aisles for items that may have been left.

Please contact Tom Parshley with your questions.