An American Christmas

Date: January, 03, 2021

This Advent and Christmas we’ll do a little American church history and see how the holiday has been celebrated since the days of the colonies.  We’ll walk through the centuries and see how the festival of Christmas has changed, not always for the better, not always for the worse.  Each lesson we’ll see what our God has to say about Christmas.

Lessons 1: The Colonies

Before the United Sates there were the colonies!  Christmas was not only NOT a big deal in the annual life of an American, in certain parts of the colonies it was outlawed!  We’ll also consider the iconic symbol of a Christmas tree.

Lesson 1: The Colonies

Lessons 2: Revolution

A new nation is born, but Christmas isn’t that high on the list of priorities for the American people just yet.  Did George Washington buy presents for his kids?  Find out how you can use a candy cane to share the Christmas Gospel.

Lesson 2: Revolution

Lessons 3: Gilded

America is starting to stand on her feet, but slavery and a civic war bring her to her knees in the 19th century.  The Victorian Era bring with it new Christmas traditions.  Would you take your child to see Santa Claus?

Lesson 3: Gilded

Lessons 4: Classic

Are you dreaming of a White Christmas? If you grew up in the 1950’s you probably did.  Everything that we think of as a classic Christmas comes to life during the Happy Days.  While this most likely wasn’t a malicious attempt to undermine the birth of our Lord, the end result was just that.  How could the Twelve Days of Christmas be a catechism for 16th children in France?  We’ll find out!

Lesson 4: Classic

Lessons 5: 21st Century

Santa tell me!  What will Christmas look like in the years to come?  We’ll take a look in the snow globe and try to find a clear picture.  Did you happen to see the Christmas star last week?  What was that beacon in the sky that brought the Wise Men to the toddler Jesus?  We’ll see what we can see.

Lesson 5: 21st Century