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Enemies of Lent

Jesus is the savior of the world. Matthew goes into the Old Testament in finds one prophecy after another to show that Jesus is the promised Messiah the Jews were looking for.

Enemies of Lent – Chief Priests

We continue our series – Enemies of Lent. The Chief Priests said, “He saved others, but he can’t save himself!” What would the world be like if Jesus had saved himself and come off the cross? Were they right? Could Jesus have saved himself? Who would ever choose to die like that?! Watch and find out how they were partially right. Also see how they were completely wrong.

The Book of Luke. There was an excitement among the crowds that watched Jesus carry out his ministry. Jesus went to church; join us this Sunday at Star of Bethlehem. The glory of the Lord is revealed in Jesus.

Enemies of Lent – Sanhedrin

The Jews wanted to kill Jesus because he claimed to be God. As we continue our series – Enemies of Lent – we will consider the charges the Jews brought against Jesus when he was on trial. What did the Jews understand so clearly that most of the world still misses today?