Soaring Falcons Soccer Camp 2016

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  • Date? March 28th through April 1st
  • Time? 10 AM – 12 PM each day
  • Cost? $50 – includes water bottle  All money raised by Soaring Falcons Soccer Camp will go to The NCLA Athletic Boosters.
  • Place? The NCLA
  • Who? Soaring Falcons Soccer Camp is open to all boys and girls in K-4th grade.

The NCLA Falcons Soccer Coach, Fred Guldberg, has 11 years of coaching experience with preschool up through high school age children.
TO REGISTER 1) please click HERE to print off the registration and liability forms. 2) Please enclose your registration and $50 payment in an envelope labeled NCLA Boosters and give the registration to the front office at the NCLA.
The Booster will only accept a check payment.  Please make payment out to “The NCLA Boosters”.
Payment and registration may be handed in at the NCLA front desk.
Soaring Falcons Soccer Camp is a service of The NCLA Athletic Boosters.
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Get DirectionsVisit The NCLA Website[/vc_wp_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]