Run The Race of Faith

Run The Race of Faith is a daunting task!  What if I get tired along the way?  What if I fall behind!  Will not want me anymore?  There is a cheering section known as the cloud of witnesses!  The writer to the Hebrews points us back to people who have been there before.

One of Satan’s strategies to destroy your faith is to divide and conquer.  If he can get you alone you are easy pickings.  How does he do that?  Or you might say, how is that possible?  I can go online and there is a cloud of witnesses on Facebook to encourage me.  I can turn on the TV and find wholesome programming content.  There are more people than ever in the world.  I can go and talk to anyone, not just in person, but I remember a time when someone couldn’t talk with me because they were on a long-distance phone call.  My kids routinely video chat and play games with people across the country.  And yet…

People are alone.  Studies over the last year have found that young people are lonelier than older Americans.  It was the youngest generations among us who were more likely to agree with these statements. “People are around me but not with me.”  “No one really knows me well.”

You are not alone.  Not now as you sit in the pew or watch us online.  You are not alone when you leave these walls.  Star of Bethlehem Lutheran Church is a loving family of Christians.  We are small, but so is a family of four.  Take advantage of support groups in the community too.  I know that many of you have taken advantage and found help for addiction, disease, and trauma.  You are loved by your God.  One of the ways he provides for you is through the church – a loving family of believers.

Want to hear more?  Watch this week’s Palm Sunday message taken from Hebrews 12 – Run the Race of Faith.