Online Resources

Listed below are some resources that can help you learn and worship.

  • What About Jesus – An excellent site that has extensive information about the saving grace of Jesus Christ.

  • Time of Grace – This TV ministry led by Mark Jeske, a pastor in Milwaukee, is televised in major markets across the country.

  • Your Time of Grace – These are brief video devotions offered during the week on topics such as depression, marriage, and money matters.  Check our this powerful spiritual resource.

  • Koine – Imagine a 1200 year old text and a 600 year old melody, married with a Les Paul, Steinway piano, drums and electric bass. With their arrangements, Koiné strives to find a unique balance between the familiarity of the classic hymn melodies and the raw instrumentation of the new arrangements.

  • Come Follow Me – An educational video about the life and forgiveness of Jesus.

  • Daily Devotion – Daily devotions from OUR CHURCH BODY church body for everyone, women, military service men, early childhood educators, and teens.


  • YouVersion –  An excellent and free online Bible that also offers mobile applications.

  • Truth in Love Ministry – Mormonism is a guilt ridden cult that twists the Christian vocabulary until there is nothing but confusion and frustration.  If you have ever tried to witness to a LDS, you know what I mean.  TILM offers real witnessing strategies.  Check out this important ministry.