Inform Your Conscience 3 – Abortion

Inform Your Conscience 3 – Abortion can be a touchy subject.  Just because people might get a little bent out of shape about a topic doesn’t mean we should avoid it!  There are two things we are NOT supposed to bring up in polite conversation – religion and politics.  Well in this series we’re doing both!

There is a lot of information on “life issues” in general.  I wanted to link up a few of my sources.  Christian Life Resources has loads of articles on every life topic you might be interested.  I encourage you to check it out.

Abortion is the only medical procedure where someone always dies.  The more than 60 million babies killed through abortion in our country since the 1970s is breathtaking.  In my conversations in person and online I have found that many of the people who are for abortion may have had one.  Is it possible that one of the strongest ways to fight against the slaughter of the unborn isn’t through new laws, but through the gospel?  How quick do we – rightly – condemn the practice of abortion, but leave a sinful mom and dad in the throws of guilt and shame?  A law won’t take that guilt away.  Only Jesus can do that.

For abortion you can find my sources of information can be found HERE, HERE, and HERE.

Euthanasia might be a new topic for you.  This is the other end of life.  It shouldn’t surprise us that as life is devalued on the front end with babies that the same thing would happen with those who are old or in poor health.  HERE, HERE, and HERE are where I found some information on the topic.

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